This Boy Was Caught Stealing Medicines. What Happened Next Made Me Cry Like A Baby!

The habit of giving does not take anything from you rather it gives you immense happiness and satisfaction. Giving is the most heartwarming thing one can do. And someone who has this habit is the happiest person in the world.

This video shows an innocent child getting scolded by a lady for stealing medicine from a pharmacy. The boy stole the medicine for his sick mother and he didn’t have any money to pay back. As the pharmacy owner tries to beat him, a store owner comes and helps him by paying the money to the owner and giving the little boy a vegetable soup.

After a couple of chain of events, one day the same giving man gets sick and is immediately taken to the hospital by his daughter. Unfortunately the medical charge is too high and the daughter finds her helpless as she has no money. But one kind person pays the entire bill. Watch to know who he is.

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