Elderly Man With Alzheimer’s Couldn’t Remember His Own Family. But When THIS Song Comes On? OMG!


Alzhiemer’s disease is a degenerative illness that affects the nervous system. It has no cure, and once it is diagnosed, it only gets worse. People have trouble with memory and even movement. It is heartbreaking, both for the patient and the family and friend around him, to see the patient forget even his spouse and children. But there are things that even Alzheimer’s can’t take away—just look at the man in the following video!


This video shows a father and song duo, Mac and Ted McDermott. Ted was diagnosed with Alzhiemer’s, and now was showing signs of memory loss. Despite that, he was still able to remember a song called “Quando Quando Quando”. This video shows him singing it enthusiastically while his son drives around. It is amazing to see how powerfully music leaves an impact on a person, isn’t it?

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