When This Man Was Taking Pictures, This Wild Gorilla Family Approached Him And Did THIS! Whoa!

Gorillas are one of our nearest ancestors so it is obvious for them to act like human beings. They are social animals like humans and live with their families. However, gorillas are much bigger in size and stronger than any one of us. It is a very bad idea to go in their territory and challenge them. John, this man in the video below was in a very difficult situation when he encountered a family of wild mountain gorillas in Uganda.

John and his friends were on a two week long expedition through Uganda when they came face to face with a family of wild mountain gorillas. These gorillas are one of the endangered apes in the world as their number has fallen to only 900 in recent years.

In the video below, John had to stay silently with his head down as any eye contact would have left him in a very dangerous position. It is no doubt the most thrilling video I have ever seen! Watch this video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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  1. That was amazing how the silver back allowed the children explore an non threatening animal (you). But he had the kid back you can be assured. But was decided you were a non threat. Amazing !!


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