Adorable Baby Starts Giggling. When His Twin Joins Him, Watch What Happens!

Are you having a bad day? If so, go and sit near a kid. They will somehow manage to uplift your mood even in the worst of times. And like they say the more, the better! Twins can make any person smile. I am sure anyone who has spent time with twins can relate to this. This video shows a pair of twins laughing uncontrollably when in front of the camera.

These twins are just ten months old, but they already seem to have formed a strong bond. One starts laughing, and the other joins him. Their laughter is contagious as I couldn’t help but laugh along with them. It seems like one of the twins was making the other laugh. If only we could understand what they were talking about!

Watch the video below. Did they crack you up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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