Her Sister Was Expecting It To Be A Normal Ultra-Sound. But Then She Saw THIS In The Monitor. OMG!

News of pregnancy really brings happiness in the family. It is the news of new life and a chance to get dipped in the feeling of parenthood. Soon-to-be parents are most excited and feel proud when they announce the good news. The following video is one of such tremendously joyous announcements of the pregnancy but it has a sweet surprise which is definite to bring you smiles.

Sean and Jean, this loving couple in the video below is having ultra-sound after their 20 weeks pregnancy. They just found out that they are having two new additions to their family. But before breaking this happy news abruptly to their family, they decided to surprise Jill’s sister during the second ultrasound. And how her sister reacted when she knew they were having twins made me laugh uncontrollably. I especially couldn’t get enough of the part where she says “can I keep one”!

The news of having twins in itself was joyous but her sister’s reaction made it even happier moment. This really made my day. Her excitement is truly contagious!

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