Little Kitten Is All Curled Up With His Mom. But When He Does THIS? So Adorable!


We can experience different sensations and emotions while dreaming. Some of us move a lot in our dreams. But many don’t realize that when we are moving around in our dream, we’ll be moving around in real life too! This is why dreams can be really special! A little kitten seems to be experiencing the same thing in this video!


This adorable little kitten has wrapped himself around his mom. He seems to be in a deep sleep, but cannot stop himself from twitching from time to time. It seems as if he is moving around a lot in his dream. Because of him twitching so often, his owners have decided to name him Twitch Chessie Tango. They couldn’t have given him a more proper name than this one!

Watch the video below. Isn’t that kitten the cutest thing ever? Let us know what you thought in the comments!


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