While Everyone Was Having Dinner, Suddenly A Soldier Stands Up. But What He Does Next? WOW!

Flash mob has the power to catch the public by surprise and give them the experience of the lifetime that would be hard to forget. I have seen many flash mobs in the internet, ranging flash mob in train stations to airport. But I had never seen a flash mob carried out by soldiers in their station. This is epic!

These soldiers in the video below, found a lovely way to sweep out the boredom and homesickness – a dance flash mob during meal time. When clueless soldiers in the canteen were involved in having their quiet meal time, their fellow soldiers grabbed the attention through an awesome dance flash mob. It is not clear how many of the service members were involved in the flash mob, but eventually almost everyone joins in the celebration.

I’m glad that these service members were able to have a little bit of fun through this flash mob. What do you think about this performance?

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  1. God bless each and every one of them,they deserve a break please God bring them all home safe in mind body and spirit to their familes
    and loved ones


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