This Frightened Young Filly Was Drowning In The River. Now Watch What That Older Stallion Does!

Champ and his family of wild stallions were grazing along the bank of the Salt River in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest. A few minutes later, another group of wild horses arrive at the opposite bank of the river. The former group gets interested in the new neighbors so some of them begin to cross the river.

A little horse is also the fascinated and she starts crossing the river as well. But a strong current forces the young filly to break from the group and be swept downstream. She even went under for a few dreadful seconds. But Champ breaks from the group and goes after her. He gently escorts her back to the band and doesn’t let go until he is sure she is safe.

Horses are truly magnificent creatures! And this is so heroic too! Watch this beautiful video below and let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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